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This new blog will be a forum for sharing experiences on drug addiction, recovery and stories of hope as they relate to the sober living housing process…


For those of you who have experience with chemical dependency, alcoholism, process addictions or even co-occurring disorders, you know how important of a role it is for sober living homes to be there when someone is ready to make the change toward life-long recovery. Whether he or she has first completed a residential treatment center or not, the presence of this type of ongoing support environment in his or her life can mean the difference between quality, long-term sobriety and a miserable ongoing existence filled with relapse and despair!

Herbert House Sober Living in Los Angeles, California has remained on the forefront of sober living recovery housing standards since its inception in 1993. Having started with one small location in a town called Mar Vista, just outside of Culver City and West LA, we are now among Southern California’s most highly regarded transitional housing options for men among therapists, treatment professionals and drug rehab centers nationwide. We are extremely proud of this amazing reputation and look forward to many more years of helping addicts & alcoholics as they enter quality sobriety as they may never had comprehended…

We dedicate this blog to all those who wish to share their experiences with the world. Whether you are a former Herbert House client or not, whether you are the addict/alcoholic or their loved one who stood by and witnessed the process of recovery take root, or whether you’re a treatment professional who has something invaluable to contribute to the community, we welcome your article submissions and comments.

If you would like to submit an article of your own to our recovery blog please feel free to email it to: info@herberthouse.com. Be sure to indicate in the subject line your intent to have your content added to our blog. As always, our staff can be reached 7 days a week at (313) 737-7566.

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