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Videos of Jace Horwitz at Herbert House Sober Living in West Los Angeles, California

Herbert House Videos

Watch as Jace Horwitz, owner of Herbert House Sober Living, describes the unique aspects behind our success in providing recovery housing for mature men.


We invite you to get to know more about Herbert House and Jace Horwitz through a series of brief videos shown below. This is an opportunity for you to get a look behind the scenes and experience firsthand why it is that Herbert House remains among West Los Angeles’ most highly regarded upscale sober living homes. In fact, this reputation has followed us throught Southern California as a whole. For over 20 years we have been setting the standard for transitional sober housing throughout all of Southern California, and our commitment to recovery remains steadfast, above and beyond everything else!

This is an opportunity for you to not only see our various residences, but more importantly, to hear Jace describe the unique aspects which all serve to help create stronger foundations within the early recovery process. We are very eager to show you more and hope you enjoy these videos…


Creating a Positive Sober Living Experience


Hope & Success in Early Sobriety

A Sober Living Residence for Mature Men

Is Herbert House Right for You?

There is magic when all the pieces fit

Herbert House Sober Living in West Los Angeles, California

As you likely know by now, Southern California is a major hub for sober living homes, addiction recovery services, drug rehab centers and so on. Many locations will feature videos and virtual tours on their website that display exquisite and sometimes breathtaking locations and surroundings. Videos and digital tours like these are wonderful and can provide much insight and perspective. As you consider the various options available, we encourage you to also look beyond the imagery and consider the many core elements that will ultimately serve you or your loved one far greater than any amount of comfort and elegance. What is the structure like? What demographic is the program designed for? Do they offer a smooth and well thought out transition process? Do they encourage alumni participation, communication and so on . . .

The ultimate goal is not just long-term sobriety, but “quality” long-term sobriety – there is a big difference between the two. Call Herbert House 7 days a week and find out more | (310) 737-7566.


Herbert House Sober Living | "Your life wants you back!"


Setting the standard in addiction recovery housing for over 25 years




Herbert House is a proud member of, and adheres to the standards set forth by, the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition, which acts as the California Chapter of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences

Color Blind Sober Living - Licensed and Certified and Credentialed

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Herbert House Sober Living is an organization dedicated to helping guide mature men to a life of successful recovery. With over 20 years expertise and a pioneering role among the Los Angeles, CA recovery housing community, we successfully balance recovery, community, comfort and cost. We are unique, our mission is steadfast, and each opportunity to help rebuild a life (and family) is a process we truly cherish.

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