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Pictures of Herbert House Sober Living in West Los Angeles, California

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We believe in having a clean, comfortable & upscale recovery housing environment which, can be viewed in some of the pictures we have posted in this photo gallery.


Herbert House is considered to be an “upscale sober living residence.” Throughout Los Angeles County there are many variations of recovery homes. Here in West Los Angeles however – considering this is home to nicer areas like Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and others – most addiction recovery homes tend to be a bit more on the attractive side, as is the case with Herbert House. The photos on this page are meant to give you a better perspective on the properties, the comforts and how we live.

Considering our focus is on working with mature men, many of our clients over the years have been lawyers, businessmen and other professionals requiring desks and quiet areas. We have several such locations in our sober livings and do our best to accommodate, while never compromising our abilities to provide the very best in recovery services. The images below also include a couple of these work areas.

We invite you to peruse these pictures and of course welcome your calls 7 days a week at (310) 737-7566 .


A perfect blend of comfort and recovery

Herbert House Sober Living in West Los Angeles, California

We understand that sometimes a picture just isn’t enough. For that reason Herbert House is here for you 7 days a week. We are also very happy to show you around as well as sit down and chat for a while about your situation. Addiction recovery is a process that is unique to each individual. As such, stopping by and meeting with us first helps ensure that we are, or are not, the right place for you or your loved one..

The ultimate goal is not just long-term sobriety, but “quality” long-term sobriety – there is a big difference between the two. Call Herbert House 7 days a week and find out more | (310) 737-7566.

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Setting the standard in addiction recovery housing for over 25 years




Herbert House is a proud member of, and adheres to the standards set forth by, the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition, which acts as the California Chapter of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences

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Herbert House Sober Living is an organization dedicated to helping guide mature men to a life of successful recovery. With over 20 years expertise and a pioneering role among the Los Angeles, CA recovery housing community, we successfully balance recovery, community, comfort and cost. We are unique, our mission is steadfast, and each opportunity to help rebuild a life (and family) is a process we truly cherish.

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