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A benchmark in the Los Angeles, CA addiction recovery housing community for over 20 years…


They go by various names; sober living homes, recovery houses, transitional aftercare housing and so on. Here in Southern California, specifically Los Angeles, the common reference is “sober living home.” More important however, is the core of who they are, how they operate, and their knowledge & experience within the realm of addiction and mental health recovery.

Herbert House’s philosophy is about emphasizing communal support, personal responsibility and education about recovery while pursuing a solid individual recovery plan that will ultimately serve as the foundation to everything meaningful in life. Our experience is that the best chance at creating a proactive sober community intent on reclaiming the positive aspects of their lives, prior to addiction taking over, is to work with men; either professionals or pursuing their education, restructuring their family life, volunteering or even attending outpatient treatment. Our semi-structured and upscale sober living residences – which require two mandatory in-house meetings, minimal house chores, random drug & alcohol testing, self evaluations and general self accountability measures – still leaves ample room for a personalized recovery plan based on the individual.

We believe, in fact we know, that a man’s ability to fulfill and maintain his obligations is essential to his recovery. We allow and even encourage the flexibility to meet those responsibilities. Herbert House observes liberal curfews; overnight and long-term passes are also issued following 24-hour written request. These policies are intended to encourage growth and personal responsibility while still maintaining the balance and integrity of each resident’s individual recovery program.


“Early recovery from addiction-alcoholism is absolutely not a one-size-fits-all process, regardless of whether the individual is in a treatment center, sober living-recovery home or living on their own. As such, we do not confine the client to a 12-Step approach so long as they remain proactive within their own recovery. Many residents over the years have experienced much success in alternatives to 12-Step such as; SMART Recovery, religion, eastern philosophies, Agape and others.”

Jace Horwitz
Founder & Owner of Herbert House


As a worldwide leader in addiction-alcoholism treatment & recovery services, Southern California began to see the advent of sober living homes around the mid 1990’s. With only a handful of these addiction recovery residences here in the Los Angeles, CA area, it didn’t take long for the few good ones to rise above. It was soon after that a general consensus was developing among experienced addiction treatment professionals, that being an awareness to the importance of “quality” sober living/transitional recovery housing during one’s early sobriety.

Since its founding in 1995, Herbert House Sober Living (Recovery Support Residence) has been at the forefront of this revolution in the approach to addiction recovery support. Based upon decades of practical recovery experience, we have outlined a semi-structured, “real-life” approach to early sobriety that has shown to reduce the prodigious rate of relapse among those struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism and process addictions. Over the years, the Herbert House approach has been adopted as a model by others and recognized by The Southern California Sober Living Coalition, a non-profit oversight committee representing nearly every qualified transitional recovery residence throughout Southern California.

Meet Jace…

Owner of Herbert House Transitional Sober Living Homes - Jace Horwiitz

Jace Horwitz has dealt with his own addiction struggles. He decided long ago to do his part to help reshape the world of recovery support housing, steering hundreds of recovering individuals around some of the same industry shortfalls predominant when he first got sober. Today, while many prominent and highly regarded sober living homes – locally and around the nation – implement the structural standards first developed at Herbert House, few have truly established a comparable track record of success. Jace’s passion for the study of addiction counseling and implementation of recovery lifestyle principles is reflected in the compassion and empathy he feels for all residents of Herbert House. He realizes that while sobriety is a life or death proposition, one must celebrate that life and the gifts that come along with it.

Herbert House Sober Living | "Your life wants you back!"


Setting the standard in addiction recovery housing for over 25 years




Herbert House is a proud member of, and adheres to the standards set forth by, the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition, which acts as the California Chapter of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences

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Herbert House Sober Living is an organization dedicated to helping guide mature men to a life of successful recovery. With over 20 years expertise and a pioneering role among the Los Angeles, CA recovery housing community, we successfully balance recovery, community, comfort and cost. We are unique, our mission is steadfast, and each opportunity to help rebuild a life (and family) is a process we truly cherish.

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